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About us

Values worth sharing.

It all starts with understanding. The reality of your situation and the people you’re working with.

Gaining a real, on-the-ground insight into your day-to-day and the lay of the land ahead. Ensuring clarity of purpose is the compass that guides your decision-making.  And creating strategies that act on insight for long-term growth.

This leads to agency. Imagine if your organisation moved forward with self-directed, purpose-led agents of change. Who turn ideas into action with ownership. Who overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs to build resilience. Who are a true reflection of, and advocates for your business.

This is the way to establish your legacy. One in which everyone – in fact, all life on earth – can thrive. If we commit to being good ancestors, we can design the way towards better. It’s time to take the long view, to focus on opportunities that benefit people and planet, as well as profit.

Klara Future stands for all this, alongside you, in an ever-changing world.

Delivering growth through change

Empowering others has been a constant throughout my career.  Looking back and connecting the dots, I have always been motivated to lead good change. Every point on the map has helped me become a resilient leader.

Building on the servant leadership foundations from my early career in the British Army, I honed my executive experience with global purpose-led companies, including Motorola, Vodafone, Centrica, BCA, and Lloyd’s Register.   Non-executive Board roles have mobilised social impact with Stop The Traffik, EngineeringUK and the Enham Trust.

A recurring pattern in my career path is the intersection of technology and customers. Having specialised in both engineering and marketing, I naturally navigate the understanding of systems and the design of solutions: how to improve customer experience, drive commercial growth, implement digital technologies, create sustainability, and enhance cultures.

Clearly perceiving the challenges leaders and businesses face in our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, I set up Klara Futura to coach leaders and build strategies towards resilience, so that we can all thrive into the future.


“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

Edmund Hillary